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Decorative Blue Moon jar by Jacaranda Kori

Decorative Blue Moon jar by Jacaranda Kori


Blue Moon jar Hand-made on the potter’s wheel

Introducing our magnificent Big Blue Moonjar: A true masterpiece of ceramic artistry. Handcrafted with meticulous care, this oversized moonjar captivates with its deep azure glaze, reminiscent of the midnight sky, and its graceful, curvaceous silhouette, making it an enchanting statement piece for any space.


This vessel is one-of-a-kind you will never find the same exact one again!


Material:  Ceramic Stoneware. 1200°C.  Multifired with several layers of crystalizes blue glazes.


Shipping: Shipping worldwide included - Arrives soon! Get it within 3 weeks if you order today


Product Dimensions:

Height 30cm/ 11.8 inch

Width 29 cm/ 11.4 inch

Weight 5 kg approx.

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