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Big Orange Vessel with lid by Jacaranda Kori

Big Orange Vessel with lid by Jacaranda Kori


Orange  Hand-made on the potter’s wheel and altered

Orange is known to invoke fun, energetic enthusiasm in color psychology. Because of its bright and punchy vibrance, orange increases energy levels and boosts creativity. This stunning Big Orange vessel with lid is hand-made on the potter's wheel and then altered with a beautiful square grid texture, giving it a unique and contemporary design. It is crafted from fired earthenware ceramic and bright orange glaze.


Material:  Ceramic Earthenware. 1100°C.  


Shipping: Shipping worldwide included - Arrives soon! Get it within 3 weeks if you order today


Product Dimensions:

Height 40cm/ 15.6 inch

Width 30cm/12 inch

Weight 7kg approx.



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