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Decorative Brown Moon jar by Jacaranda Kori

Decorative Brown Moon jar by Jacaranda Kori


Brown Moon jar Hand-made on the potter’s wheel

Moon jar is a type of traditional Korean pottery which has been made since the fifteenth century. The name comes from its shape and its bright color of the glaze resembles the coloration of the moon. Its circular shape consists of two hemispherical halves that have been joined in the middle causing instability, making it feel like the jar is floating in the air.

This unique Brown Moon jar can be ideal as a majestic centerpiece container for flowers or just as a decorative piece bringing sophistication and warmth to a space.


This vessel is one-of-a-kind you will never find the same exact one again!


Material:  Ceramic Stoneware. 1200°C. with several layers of glazes.


Shipping: Shipping worldwide included - Arrives soon! Get it within 3 weeks if you order today


Product Dimensions:

Height 36 cm/ 14.17 inch

Width 30 cm/ 11.8 inch

Weight 6 kg approx.

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