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About Perisope 2010

Jacaranda Kori creates introverted, self-contained and restrained objects which expose what lies behind and underneath, as an analogy to the soul’s inner struggles and mysteries. Organic deformations intertwine with somewhat mechanical formations into a new collage of forms, an outgrowth arising from the hybridization of dissimilar organisms in the spirit of Surrealism. In contrast to her earlier colorful vessels that broke through into the world bubbling over with flowing energy, the current pieces engage in the concealed, the result of a contemplative turning inward. Jacaranda has selected organic motifs as her inspiration, tracing the internal structure of the nature of things, drawing it outside and freezing it on the surface as fossilized imprints of memory of past life. Organic motifs integrated with sexual elements as metaphors for the life instinct create small quasi-cultic objects, offerings emanating a seductive sweetness from their details handled with such care. 

Sari Paran
Curator Periscope Gallery
2010, "TYPES" 

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